“It is obvious that love drives your efforts...”

I just wanted to tell you thank you.  It is obvious that love drives your efforts and I cannot tell you how much that means from this mother of high-need, deeply-feeling, asynchronous genius kids.  Being a St. Raphael's family is very special to us.

— K.G.

“I appreciate your work at St. Raphael's”

I want to say how much I appreciate your work at St. Raphael’s Online.  My son J... loves the classes that you are teaching.

— Fr. M.

I sat in on K’s class again this morning. She seems to be enjoying herself! To be honest, I’m a little jealous. I wish a program like this had been available when *I* was a homeschooler!!!

— J.R.


Thank you so much for all your efforts! We are so grateful for SRS! I should write a longer note about our experience, but let me just say for now that SRS has changed Molly’s entire world in every good way possible. We are forever indebted.
— M.J

“I am eternally grateful.”

Thank you so much for everything! I feel so blessed that our family is a part of SR & I am eternally grateful to you for founding such a wonderful program for homeschoolers.

— R.P.

“I commend you and the staff.”

"[S] really enjoys class and finds literature, rhetoric, & history most interesting.  She is intrigued with the idea of taking the class alongside kids from around the world.  I commend you and the staff at St. Raphael's for embarking on such journey and introducing our children to 'a whole new world' not found in a typical classroom.  [S] is able to keep up with homework assignments. It has been a wonderful lesson in discipline and introducing what it means to be responsible for carrying out assignments (sans reminders from Mom & Dad)!

— M.L.

We Love Our Families.

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