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Summer 2017

Our summer courses usually include special subjects, studies of individual books, and instruction in particular skills.  These are not remedial courses but opportunities for students to make progress in certain areas, stay sharp during the summer months, or try out their first online course.  Past courses have included Word Roots, Johnny Tremain, Story Writing Workshop, The Life of the Theotokos, and more.  

Poetry and the Psalter

St. Raphael -57.jpg
St. Raphael -57.jpg

Poetry and the Psalter


Dates: June 5-30

Schedule: 10:15-11:30 am Central, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Teacher: Dr. James Taylor

Recommended Ages: 14-19


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Students do not need to purchase any materials.  The Psalms will be from the translation of according to the Seventy, available if students wish to purchase.  All Psalms and poems will be supplied to the class via Canvas and the white board during class.

Please Note: This class is for amateurs since the teacher himself is far from being any kind of a scholar of the Psalter.  We simply wish to read a selection of Psalms with all due reverence to the Holy Spirit and the inspired human author, St. King David, as a gathering of friends in Christ to know, with God's grace,  these Psalms better, and to notice the differences in form in comparison to Western poetry.  The Psalms are poems, incidentally, songs actually, but not the kind we are accustomed to reading or hearing.  They are, of course, primarily prayers.