Story Writing Workshop for Teens

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Story Writing Workshop for Teens


Teacher: Nick Muzekari

Dates: May 31 - June 30

Schedule: 6 - 7pm Central, Tuesday & Thursday

Recommended Ages:  13-15

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Course Description

This course will offer teens the basic knowledge and tools they need to write a short story:  setting, character, conflict, theme, and plot. Students will complete a variety of exercises and write a short story using these basic elements.


About the Teacher

Nick Muzekari is a writer who lives in Hatfield, Pennsylvania with his wife and five children. He enjoys exploring truth, beauty, and mystery through story. He received a Writing for Magazines Certificate from the Institute for Children's Literature in 2003.  In 2011 he founded and published Aletheia Writing & Art Magazine for Christian Teens. He is the author of A Gift for Matthew, a picture book about painting icons, published by Ancient Faith Publishing. Two of Nick's short stories, "Healer," and "Gimkin and the Goblins," were recently published.


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