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All of our live, online courses are designed with Orthodox homeschooling families in mind.  The curriculum spans six levels which rotate books on a yearly basis so that classrooms include a range of ages while allowing students to take unique courses each year from kindergarten to senior year of high school.  Class sizes are limited so that interactions within the classroom stay personal and focused on the experience of learning.  Our "core curriculum" at each level weaves the essentials of a liberal arts education into a single course.

Core Curriculum by subject

Our integrated core-curriculum, offered as a single course in the liberal arts, is not divided into traditional "subjects."  This outline is intended to help families plan and select appropriate supplementary materials.


Subjects:  Literature + Composition + Social Studies + Math enrichment add-on*

Middle School 

Subjects:  Language Arts + Nature Studies + Social Studies + Foreign Language (Greek) + Pre-Algebra or Algebra add-on*

High School

Subjects:  Language Arts + Humanities + Religion (Catechism) + Greek add-on*

*Add-on courses are offered with a small additional course fee



core curriculum by level

This chart is a general guide to selecting the best level for a student.  Parents should look carefully at the course descriptions and make the best choice based on their knowledge of their own children's individual strengths and development.


Courses by Time



Courses by Price

Students must re-enroll each term--Fall, Spring, and Summer*.  Prices below represent tuition for Fall 2015 only.

Core Curriculum Courses

Early Elementary:                     $325 per semester
Upper Elementary:                   $375 per semester
Middle School:                           $425 per semester
High School:                               $450 per semester

Add-On Courses

Math Tutorials:                            $75 per semester
Greek Tutorials:                           $75 per semester
High School Catechism:           $150 per semester


*Summer course are shorter, lower priced, and focused on a single topic or book.