Ten Principles of St. Raphael School

The essence of our philosophy of education lies in our dedication to the pursuit of wholeness in every aspect of education. This can be understood according to at least ten basic principles:

  1. Teach the whole person—heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  2. Read whole books—living expressions of thought from the mind of a single author.
  3. Emphasize synthetic knowledge (narration, observation, and ideas) before scientific analysis and dissection.
  4. Connect knowledge from various subjects within the tradition of great ideas—truth, goodness, and beauty.
  5. Educate for a whole life by making virtue and wisdom the primary goals of the curriculum.
  6. Treat the school as a "faculty of friends" rather than a collection of highly trained specialists.
  7. Teach a comprehensive vision of the language arts as manifest in the Trivium.
  8. Situate the leisure time of study within a larger vision of the good life—work, wonder, wisdom, and worship.
  9. Harmonize the rhythms of schooling with the life of the Church and the family.
  10. Remember that the ultimate goal of study is theosis, walking the path toward union with God.

For more information on our philosophy of education, see our Further Reading page.