We are here to serve!

St. Raphael School exists to serve families who have already made the decision to home educate their children. These families are looking for the structure and direction that live, online classes provide; they seek the help of a knowledgeable teacher who understands their faith commitments; and they want their children to have more experience interacting and discussing with other students.

Making the decision to homeschool will elicit many questions: What curriculum will we use? What does my 7th grader really need to know? Will my kids be able to go to college?  Is homeschooling legal in my state? (Yes, it is, but requirements vary.) What are our educational goals?

Our online courses may be able to help you reach your goals for your family, but they are not a replacement for your direct involvement in answering these types of questions.  Before enrolling in our courses, please take care to consider all that is involved with homeschooling so that you will better understand how online courses can assist in your family educational goals.

St. Raphael School is not an accredited school. While we feel confident that you will be pleased by the excellent quality of our courses, we have not pursued accreditation as our online model prevents us from assuming the responsibility of tracking your child's long-term progress. Parents who are directly observing their children are the adults in the best position to accomplish this. Online teachers may get to know students well enough to offer an informed opinions and offer informal feedback, but that depends on the participation level of the student.

Before you begin homeschooling, it is important to educate yourself about it. You probably won't find a better place to start than the free online resources available from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. Far from being a mere legal resource, they have helpful articles and videos which provide information on most topics related to homeschooling.


Here are some other places to get started: