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The purpose of the Catechism course is to help students “grow in their love for God and the Church through deeper knowledge of Theology, Scripture, Saints, History, and Spirituality.” Although Catechism only meets one day per week, students will receive assignments which invite them to spend time during the week in prayer, writing, and study. 

Level 6 Catechism - Spring 2018

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Level 6 Catechism - Spring 2018


Meets Fridays, 11:30am - 1pm CST

Class Dates

  • Fall 2017: September 5 - December 15
  • Spring 2018: January 15 to May 4
  • Breaks: Thanksgiving (Nov. 23-24), Holy Week and Bright Monday (April 2-9)

Books are not included in the course fee.

Recommended for 9th grade students and above

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Course:  Living in Christ

Instructor: Fr. Noah Bushelli

Topic: Sacramental Life



Grow in love for God and His Church through deeper knowledge of Theology, Scripture, Saints, History, and Spirituality in order to live and articulate these truths. 



This is the first semester of a year-long advanced Catechism focusing on the sacraments.

The class will be seminar-style with assigned readings and responses done prior to each class.  Each class will open with a prayer, then a “liturgical reflection” presentation by a student, “house keeping”, a “synopsis presentation” (overview of the reading and a kick off question) by a student, a discussion lead by the instructor, and then aclosing prayer.  Besides the weekly readings and synopses there will be monthly writing as well as a semester project.


Our Text (required): The Life in Christ, by St Nicholas Cabasilas.



Students will be evaluated based on meaningful participation in class and my records in Canvas of these assignments:


Weekly -

Synopsis - 100-200 words summarizing and responding to the assigned reading.  (Please complete PRIOR to the class!!!)


Monthly –

Four Essays, 500-700 words long, the topic will be announced a few weeks in advance. 


Semester –  Students will sign up for this…

Synopsis Presentation –once each semester each student will provide the class a brief overview of the reading assignment for the week (around five minutes) plus a discussion question. 

Liturgical Reflection – A 2-3 verbal devotional presentation of a prayerful liturgical experience, or thoughts on readings, homilies, etc…

Service Project – Theology is not just ink and pixels, it must be lived... so each of you should take on a special task at church.  With your parents' guidance, ask your priest what special project you can do to help your parish and grow in your faith.  I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone.. clean the church, make Prosphora, cooking a meal for someone, visiting a sick parishioner, organize an event, give an announcement or homily, start singing in the choir.


Honors Option

For the motivated student, who tells me early in the semester of his or her intention to take this class at a higher level:

  • Writing Assignments will be 50% longer and will be evaluated more critically.
  • A living research project will be proposed, planned, executed, and reported on: pilgrimage, interviews. 
  • I will advise them in a 8 – 10 page research paper based on one of the sacraments or other liturgical life. 
    • For example: an in depth study of: the texts of one sacrament, church architecture, iconography, hymnography, sacred music, vestments, special blessings, etc…


If you are interested in the option, please pray about it, discuss with your family, and then speak to me the third week of class.  Please follow the honors schedule for submission of proposals, outlines, drafts.


Nota Bene

I am not clairvoyant; Parents and Students, please feel free to email me at the above address with any questions, or concerns, or needs for accommodation.  I encourage students and parents to check their Canvas accounts often to make sure their grades are up to date and what they expected.  Please let me know ASAP if there is any issue.  Grades can be taken from Canvas.  I'm glad to provide a narrative evaluation upon request. 


May our time together in cyber-space bring us deeper into God's presence in Christ's Holy Orthodox Church through the Holy Spirit by the prayers of St. Nicholas Cabasilas and all the saints!  Amen!!!

+ Fr. Noah



Reading and Assignment Schedule

Introduction to the Life in Christ

9/08 –Discussion of the Class and the Life and Times of St. Nicholas Cabasilas

9/15 – TLIC, Book I, § 1- 6, pp 43- 53

9/22 – TLIC, Book I, § 7 - 11, pp 53- 63

9/29 – TLIC, Book 2, § 1 - 5, pp 65 - 75


Due October 3:

September Essay (TBA)

Service Project Proposal

Honors Research Paper Proposal (if selected)

Honors Project Proposal (if selected)


Holy Baptism and Chrismation

10.06 – TLIC, Book 2, § 6 - 11, pp 75 - 85

10.13 – TLIC, Book 2, § 12 - 18, pp 85 - 95

10.20 – TLIC, Book 2, § 19 - 22, pp 95 – 102

10.27 – TLIC, Book 3, § 1 - 7, pp 103 – 111


Due November 1:

October Essay (TBA)

Honors Research Paper Outline


Holy Communion

11.03 – TLIC, Book 4, § 1 - 7, pp 113 – 125

11.10 – TLIC, Book 4, § 8 - 14, pp 125 – 137

11.17 – TLIC, Book 4, § 15 - 20, pp 137 – 148

11.24 – Thanksgiving Break


Due December 5:

November Essay (TBA)

Honors Research Paper Draft – Peer Review


The Sacred Temple

12.01 – TLIC, Book 5, § 1 - 4, pp 149 – 155

12.08 – TLIC, Book 5, § 5 - 7, pp 155 – 158

12.15 – Last Class.  No readings, unless make up.  Discussion on the Life of Christ symbolism in the Divine Liturgy


Due December 20:

December Essay (TBA)

Project Report

Class Evaluation

Honors Project Report

Honors Research Paper


Blessed Nativity and Theophany!!!  Class will resume on January 19th with the second semester.