Math Enrichment (Spring 2016)

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Math Enrichment (Spring 2016)


Meets Wednesdays, 2:05 to 3:00pm CST


  • Counting games
  • Story problems
  • Lives of mathematicians
  • Practice of basic arithmetic skills

Math Enrichment is only available to those enrolled in a Core Curriculum course

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Math Enrichment Course Description

If I were again beginning my studies, I would follow the advice of Plato and start with mathematics. - Galileo Galilei

Math is supposed to be enjoyable and make sense. This course is geared for students in upper elementary and lower middle school who are seeking a supplement to their current mathematics studies and desire to strengthen their current understanding of mathematics concepts.

This course utilizes a practical and classical approach to help students tackle current coursework and build a solid foundation in preparation for future coursework, such as pre-algebra.

In order to succeed in middle school pre-algebra and algebra courses, students need to have mastered math facts and concepts that involve decimals and fractions, for example. Similar to playing an instrument, this requires practice and mastery. This class will focus on games, math facts, and story problems designed to challenge and develop these foundational skills. Students will be offered a variety of problems and suggested online resources, so that they can work at their current skill level. They will also have access to CTC Math, an online math program that tracks students’ progress and provides tutorials and practice for K-Calculus.

Through the study of the lives of mathematicians, students are inspired by the sacrifices these individuals made and their ability to think outside the box. Students will also develop an understanding of the origin of certain mathematics ideas and concepts. 


Is the Math Enrichment Class the best fit for my child?

This class is designed for any age and ability range, as students work in this online class setting to find inspiration in the lives of mathematicians and learn / strengthen foundational skills. This class is best suited for Upper Elementary and Lower Middle School students looking for math facts and story problem challenges. We will also cover topics including, but not limited to fractions, decimals, basic geometry, measurement, long multiplication and division, place values, equalities, number lines, patterns and number sequencing, rounding, estimating, square roots, exponents, scientific notation, order of operations (basic), etc. These skills will supplement and solidify the students' math knowledge and understanding, thus preparing them for future coursework, including pre-algebra.