Algebra I Add-on (Spring 2016)

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Algebra I Add-on (Spring 2016)




  • Weekly group tutoring session
  • Tutor-monitored online math curriculum
  • Includes subscription to CTC Math
  • Quizzes and tests for periodic assessment

Only available to students enrolled in a Middle School or High School Core Curriculum course. New students are encouraged to contact the teacher to discuss appropriate placement prior to enrolling:

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Algebra Add-on Course Description

The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God. – Euclid

Algebra is not only the study of mathematical concepts, but offers a study of logic and real life lessons. This course is designed for students who have mastered the foundations of Pre-Algebra and are prepared for the study of Algebra 1. Students can utilize this course as a supplement to their current mathematics studies or as a complete Algebra course. (Assignments will be given based on the student’s designated use of this coursework.) This course will also include periodic quizzes and tests to determine the student’s progress and address questions.

Students will meet weekly for a tutoring session focused on certain concepts and real life examples. This course also includes a yearlong subscription to CTC Math, an online math curriculum, which will be utilized for assignments and assessments. Students receive immediate feedback and parents / teachers can monitor participation and progress.