Greek 2 - Yearlong 2018-19

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Greek 2 - Yearlong 2018-19


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St. Raphael School is an Orthodox online school within Scholé Academy, which is a division of Classical Academic Press.

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Course Details at a Glance:

Term: Yearlong 2018–19 (Find our academic calendar here.)
Target Age Range: 12+
Instructor: Mrs. Mallory Stripling
Live Session Schedule: Tuesdays, 3:30 p.m. EST (2:30 p.m. CST), 60 min. 
Price: $200.00
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Biblical Greek at St. Raphael School:

Learn more about our entire Greek program here.

Greek 2 Course Description:

In this course students will work through Year Two of the Elementary Greek course published by Memoria Press. In their study of the Greek language, students will:

  • Fluently pronounce the Greek alphabet (Modern pronunciation)
  • Expand understanding of English grammar through the study of Greek grammar
  • Practice parsing, classifying, and diagramming Greek and English sentences
  • Memorize paradigms of Greek nouns, verbs, adjectives, articles, and pronounces
  • Develop Ancient/Biblical Greek vocabulary (foundational to the English vocabulary of many academic disciplines, such as medicine, mathematics, theology, etc.)

Mrs. Stripling also guides students in a study of Orthodox hymnography and scripture. Students will:

  • Learn to sing Apolitykia of 12 Great Feasts in both Greek and English (Byzantine Chant)
  • Inscribe in the heart common prayers and hymns of the Liturgy
  • Read Scriptures in Greek (Septuagint and New Testament)
  • Analyze hymns and Scripture for a deeper understanding of their meaning

Student Expectations: Every student is expected to memorize paradigms, vocabulary, verses, prayers, and songs, and students are asked to recite or sing them in class. Every student will be called on to participate in each class.

Weekly tests are administered at home and reviewed as a group with Mrs. Stripling. Students are encouraged to get out their red pencil during this time and make corrections on their own work.

Grading and Feedback: Mrs. Stripling will grade online submissions of tests, and give a recommendation for the course grade each semester, with comments. Throughout the year Mrs. Stripling responds to student and parent questions via email, or even phone and video conversations if needed. 

Required Supplies: 

Please note: The cost of books is not included in the course fee.

Scope and Sequence:

Fall 2018 Greek Language Study:

  • Dative and accusative cases
  • The direct object
  • Prepositions with the dative and accusative
  • The word "not"
  • Personal pronouns, 1st and 2nd person

Fall 2018 Hymn Study:

  • September: Apolitykion for the Exaltation of the Cross (O Lord Save Thy People)
  • October: Rejoice O Unwedded Bride (excerpts)
  • November: Apolitykion for the Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple (Today Is The Prelude of The Goodwill of God)
  • December: Apolitykion for the Nativity Of Christ (Your Nativity O Christ Our God)

Spring 2019 Greek Language Study:

  • Conjunctions
  • The dative case
  • The imperfect tense
  • Imperfect tense for εἰμί
  • Deponent verbs
  • Masculine nouns of the first declension

Spring 2019 Hymn Study: 

  • January: Apolitykion for the Theophany of Christ (At Your Baptism In The Jordan River O Lord)
  • February: Apolitykion for The  Meeting of the Lord In the Temple (Rejoice O Virgin Theotokos Who Art Full of Grace)
  • March: Apolitykion for the Annunciation (Today is the Beginning of Our Salvation)
  • April: Antiphonal Responses for Lazarus Saturday/Palm Sunday (O Son of God Seated On The Foal of a Donkey), Paschal Troparion (Christ is Risen From The Dead)