Early Greek 2 - Yearlong 2018-19

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Early Greek 2 - Yearlong 2018-19


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Course Details at a Glance:

Term: Yearlong 2018–19 (Find our academic calendar here.)
Target Age Range: 9–11 (Students should be strong readers.)
Instructor: Mrs. Mallory Stripling
Live Session Schedule: Wednesdays, 3:30 p.m. EST (2:30 p.m. CST), 45 min. 
Price: $200.00
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Biblical Greek at St. Raphael School:

Learn more about our entire Greek program here.

Course Description:

Mrs. Stripling is excited to debut Early Greek 2 this year! In this course, Mrs. Stripling will introduce students to Biblical Greek grammar and vocabulary, and also guide students in hymn and icon study. Students ages 9-11+ will:

  • Continue to develop fluency reading and writing the Greek alphabet (Modern pronunciation)
  • Study English grammar alongside Biblical Greek grammar
  • Learn to understand and compose simple Greek sentences
  • Diagram, parse, and classify simple English and Greek sentences
  • Continue developing Biblical Greek vocabulary
  • Memorize short prayers and hymns of the church in Greek

Note: Mrs. Stripling uses Modern Greek pronunciation, with a view to understanding the Greek that students would hear in Greek Orthodox church services.

Required Supplies:

The instructor will provide all course materials for this class, introducing the content (detailed below) in an incremental manner with daily exercises provided. The instructor will also provide recordings for prayers and hymns to be learned.

Scope and Sequence:

Fall 2018 Greek Language Study:

  1. Alphabet review
  2. Subject and predicate, English
  3. Simple sentences with 3rd person singular verbs
  4. Nominative singular adjectives
  5. Review and practice
  6. Simple sentences with 3rd person plural verbs
  7. Nominative plural adjectives
  8. Predicate nominative, English
  9. P.N. sentences with linking verb εστι (it is)
  10. P.N. sentences with linking verb εισι (they are)
  11. Review and practice
  12. Complete conjugation of ειμι (I am)
  13. Sentences with ειμi
  14. Review and practice

Fall 2018 Hymn and Icon Study:

  • September: Bless the Crown of the Year; icon of Nativity of the Theotokos and Exaltation of the Cross
  • October: Rejoice O Unwedded Bride (excerpts); icons of St. Luke, St. Thomas, St. James, St. Demetrios
  • November: He Makes His Angels Spirits; icons of Angels, Entry of Theotokos Into The Temple, St. Katherine
  • December: On This Day The Virgin Comes; icons of St. Nicholas, St. Anna, Nativity of Christ

Spring 2019 Greek Language Study: 

  1. Review and practice
  2. Accusative case singular
  3. Sentences with singular direct objects (3rd person verbs only)
  4. Sentences with plural direct objects (3rd person verbs only)
  5. Review and practice
  6. Complete present tense conjugation of –ω verbs
  7. Sentences with direct objects and 1st, 2nd, 3rd person –ω verbs
  8. Review and practice
  9. Second declension masculine nouns (complete paradigm)
  10. Review and practice
  11. Second declension neuter nouns (complete paradigm)
  12. Review and practice
  13. First declension feminine nouns, -α ending (complete paradigm)
  14. Review and practice
  15. First declension feminine nouns, -η ending (complete paradigm)
  16. Review and practice

Spring 2019 Hymn and Icon Study:

  • January: As Many As Have Been Baptized; icon of Theophany, St. Maximos, Sts. Basil, Gregory, and John
  • February: Rich Men Have Turned Poor; Icons of Meeting of Christ, Sts. Simeon and Anna, Aquila and Priscila
  • March: Before Thy Cross; Icons of Annunciation, St. Gregory Palamas, 
  • April: O Son of God Seated On the Foal of a Donkey; icons of Lazarus Saturday, Palm Sunday, and Pascha