Early Greek 1 - Yearlong 2018-19

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Early Greek 1 - Yearlong 2018-19


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Course Details at a Glance:

Term: Yearlong 2018–19 (Find our academic calendar here.)
Target Age Range: 8–10 (Students should be capable readers.)
Instructor: Mrs. Mallory Stripling
Live Session Schedule: Wednesdays, 2:15 p.m. EST (1:15 p.m. CST), 45 min. 
Price: $200.00
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Biblical Greek at St. Raphael School:

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Course Description:

Mrs. Stripling is excited to offer Early Greek 1 again this year! Through art and music students will spend a gentle and fun year learning how to read, write, and pronounce the Greek alphabet, as well as getting a head start on vocabulary. Students ages 8-10+ will enjoy:

  • Learning to read and write the Greek alphabet (Modern pronunciation)
  • Beautifully illustrating each Greek letter with a vocabulary word
  • Learning about and coloring an icon of a saint for each letter
  • Beginning to develop Greek vocabulary
  • Memorizing short prayers and hymns of the church in Greek
  • Learning to read icons with Greek inscriptions

This is a great introduction to Greek for students who are interested in learning the Greek language, but aren't quite ready to dive into the grammar. Perhaps your child is busy studying Latin, but would like to get a head start on Greek. Maybe he or she is not completely confident reading English, but loves the idea of learning a new "secret code" and reading icons.

This course focuses on the Greek alphabet, but Mrs. Stripling always calls on the students to participate with their "whole selves" through art, music, and speech! The course incorporates copy work, illustrations, icon coloring pages, and saint stories, divided into daily lessons which parents can easily follow.

Note: Mrs. Stripling uses Modern Greek pronunciation, with a view to understanding the Greek that students would hear in Greek Orthodox church services.

Required Supplies:

  • Set of crayons (Crayola are recommended) with a sharpener
  • Set of colored pencils (Prismacolor are recommended but not required) with a sharpener
  • All lesson materials will be provided by the instructor

Scope and Sequence: 

Fall 2018:

Greek alphabet focus: letters Alpha–Xi

  • September: Kyrie Eleison and Jesus Prayer
  • October: Trisagion Hymn
  • November: One is Holy
  • December: Praise the Lord from the Heavens

Spring 2019: 

Greek alphabet focus: letters Omicron–Omega

  • January: Father Son and Holy Spirit
  • February: We Praise You, We Bless You
  • March: I Will Take The Cup of Salvation
  • April: Come Receive Ye Light/Christ is Risen