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Early Greek - 2017/2018 Full Year Tutorial


Our Greek courses meet once per week and offer live support for independent daily work following a published curriculum from Open Texture.  Teachers will also offer some supplemental materials such as readings from Holy Scripture, icons, and prayers.

Early Greek - 2017/2018 Full Year Tutorial

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Early Greek - 2017/2018 Full Year Tutorial

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Teacher:  Mallory Stripling

Live meeting Schedule

Thursdays, 2:10-2:55 pm Central

Class Dates

  • Fall 2017: September 5 - December 15
  • Spring 2018: January 15 to May 4
  • Breaks: Thanksgiving (Nov. 23-24), Holy Week and Bright Monday (April 2-9)

Early Greek

Mrs. Stripling is excited to debut a new Early Greek course! Through art and music we will spend a gentle and fun year learning how to read, write, and pronounce the Greek alphabet, as well as getting a head start on vocabulary. Students ages 7-10+ will enjoy:

  • Beautifully illustrating Greek letters to compile in their very own book
  • Learning to sing and write simple Greek hymns
  • Learning to say and write simple Greek prayers
  • Learning to read icons with Greek inscriptions

This is a great introduction to Greek for students who are interested in learning the Greek language, but aren't quite ready to dive into the grammar. Or maybe your child is busy studying Latin, but would like a head start on Greek. Maybe he or she is not completely confident reading English, but loves the idea of learning a new "secret code" and reading icons.

The course will use the Memoria Press Greek Alphabet curriculum as a base. It offers copy work and presents the information clearly, so that parents can follow along. Rest assured that beyond the textbook, Mrs. Stripling will always call on the students to participate with their "whole selves" through art, music, and speech!

Note: Mrs. Stripling will be using Modern Greek pronunciation, with a view to understanding the Greek that students would hear in Greek Orthodox church services.

Please purchase the Memoria Press Greek Alphabet Student Workbook.

Required Supplies:
- set of crayons (Crayola are recommended) with a sharpener
- set of colored pencils (Prismacolor are recommended but not required) with a sharpener