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If you have specific questions, you may get in contact with St. Raphael School faculty and staff:

Administrative Supervisor, Mat. Photini Roegner:
Photini is a mother of five and longstanding "founding family" parent engaged with St. Raphael School. 

  • General inquiries

  • Scheduling

  • Technical support for using Zoom

Director, Adam Lockridge:

  • Teacher applications

  • New family inquiries

  • Middle and high school placement questions

  • Liberal Arts curriculum questions

  • Any other concerns not covered elsewhere

Elizabeth Crispina Johnson:

  • Elementary course information and placement questions

Fr. Noah Bushelli:

  • Catechism curriculum questions

Mallory Stripling:

  • Greek curriculum questions

Scholé Academy Coordinator:

  • Registration

  • Billing/payment plans

Scholé Academy Principal, Joelle Hodge:

  • Questions about Scholé Academy course offerings and ways that Scholé Academy supports St. Raphael School

St. Raphael School Office: 515 S. 32nd Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011;   Toll Free Main Office: (866) 730-0711