Level 5 Catechism (God's Presence in His Saints) - Yearlong Course 2018-19

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Level 5 Catechism (God's Presence in His Saints) - Yearlong Course 2018-19



St. Raphael School is an Orthodox online school within Scholé Academy, which is a division of Classical Academic Press.

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Course Details at a Glance:


Term: Yearlong 2018–19 (Find our academic calendar here.)
2018-2019 Course Topic: New Testament Saints
Target Grade Range: 7+
Instructor: Fr. Daniel Meyer
Live Session Schedule: Enrollment for this course is now closed.
Price: $250.00
Technical Requirements: Learn about our updated technical requirements here.

Level 5 Catechism Course Features:

This course is a yearlong Catechism examining the New Testament through the lives of the saints. This course is part of a two year cycle, and compliments a similar examination of the Old Testament over the second year.

Our Primary Text: The Orthodox Study Bible (to be read during and outside of classtime)
Secondary Texts: We will examine a number of articles that deal with history, commentary from saints, hymnography, etc.

Note: The cost of books is not included in the course fee.

The class will be seminar-style with assigned readings done prior to each class (with all assignments submitted ahead of class time) so we can be prepared to engage each other in meaningful discussions. 

The basic structure for our class time will included an opening prayer, house keeping, and narration (students re-telling) on readings from the previously assigned homework. We will then read selected New Testament Scriptures and other texts, students will narrate, make connections, and discuss that content with the direction of the instructor. Besides the weekly readings and synopses, the last class will be a sharing of an “Unforgettable Presentation” by students.