Level 4 Catechism (Basic Spirituality) - Yearlong Course 2018-19

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Level 4 Catechism (Basic Spirituality) - Yearlong Course 2018-19


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St. Raphael School is an Orthodox online school within Scholé Academy, which is a division of Classical Academic Press.

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Course Details at a Glance:

Term: Yearlong 2018–19 (Find our academic calendar here.)
Target Grade Range: 5+
Instructor: Fr. Nikolai Meyers
Live Session Schedule: Fridays, 10:45 a.m. EST (9:45 a.m. CST), 90 min.
Price: $250.00
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Level 4 Catechism Course Features:

Our Goals in Level 4 Catechism are:

1. To teach the student basic definitions of words that they encounter in their life in Christ. Focusing on biblical, theological, and ecclesiastical terms so as to deepen their understanding of the Bible, the divine services and the lives and writing of the saints.
2. To teach the student a basic historical timeline so that as the student progresses he or she will already have a framework for organizing, comparing and understanding events, persons, and concepts.
3. To familiarize ourselves with some of the Saints as they are relevant to the Time Line or the “Word of the Day.”

The Orthodox Study Bible
The Prologue of Ochrid [Online access: http://www.rocor.org.au/?page_id=925 ]

Please note: The cost of books is not included in the course fee.

Develop listening skills
Help formulate definitions of words
Describe how key concepts impact one's life

Students will keep a handwritten notebook of all words defined and details of Saint's lives that are discussed. A midterm essay will be written on a Saint or word covered in each given semester.

Students are to give weekly to their parents an oral presentation on the most recent word defined or saint discussed.
The final exam in each semester will be an oral exam where the student will be asked dates on the timeline and to define several words or describe Saints covered in that semester.

TIMELINE (Downloadable PDF)