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Who should take Greek?

Adam Lockridge

Who should take Greek?

Those who took courses from St. Raphael School in the past three years will know that Greek was originally part of the Level 4 and Level 5 courses (formerly "Middle School"); Greek was a required part of the Liberal Arts course. We decided to separate these courses to simplify enrollment, and it also reflects our recognition that there are some students who may not be ready to take Greek but who are otherwise ready for the Level 4 Liberal Arts course.

While we stop short of saying Greek is mandatory for the Liberal Arts courses, we do expect students to begin the study Greek in Middle School (around Level 4) unless there is a compelling reason to delay or omit such study altogether. The reasons for this include the unique significance of Greek as the language of the New Testament and other important texts of the Church; the way that the study of Greek informs the study of the English language; and the aid that it provides in studying the Great Books which draw heavily upon the mind (and thus the language) of the Greeks.

What is unique about taking Greek from St. Raphael School?

Our Greek teachers are both knowledgable about ancient Greek and able to help students make connections between their study of the language and its role in the life of the Church. For example, in their four years of studying Greek at St. Raphael School, students will practice reading the text on icons and encounter important passages from Scripture, the Church Fathers, hymns, and other significant texts.