A Bit More Advice on Placement

Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson has added a few more good things to consider when choosing between levels of the Liberal Arts Curriculum courses:

*In addition to the student’s reading ability, it seems to me that there are four other areas of consideration.*

1) the student’s ability to focus during the class time with fewer and fewer visual prompts on the whiteboard in each of the ascending levels*

2) the appropriateness of the book’s themes or subject matter (loss, struggle, conflict, etc.) for the child’s age and maturity level. It is important to remember that although a student may have the reading skills for an upper grade book, it does not necessarily mean that it is the best fit as regards **maturity level or emotional readiness for these same books or that they will be able to glean as much from them than they could if they waited until they were a bit older. *

3) readiness to participate at the class level in the discussions of the characters, conflicts, and themes *

4) ability to complete the writing assignments required for the level of enrollment. *(See course pages for composition descriptions. - AL)

Also. please remember: the SR program is designed to allow parents and students to complete the work at whatever level the student is capable and to go as deeply into the topics as they wish. If a single paragraph writing exercise is assigned, advanced students should be encouraged by the home school teacher to write one demonstrating high understanding of the topic or to develop it into two paragraphs or a full essay. Likewise, if a science research project is given in conjunction with a topic from the story, this too can be done at any level of ability and as much time spent on it as desired. And the books we select can usually be enjoyed, appreciated and learned from no matter the age (even by the teacher)!