Special Re-enrollment and Senior graduations

For those who are returning students from the 2016/2017 school year, we are offering to reserve your seat in the courses until July 15th for a small deposit ($25 or less)

Reserve your seats through the website course pages for Liberal ArtsCatechism, and Greek

The purpose of this is to help guarantee that the courses don't fill up before you can re-enroll, and it also allows us to have an idea of how many additional sections we may need to accommodate our growing body of students (around 130 at my last count).  If we can know the number of students by the middle of July, there is a better chance that we will be able to open new sections to accommodate an increase.

New students are coming, and we have a few that are going.  I am referring to our graduating class this year!

Congratulations to our graduates!  (Send me your names please--I know who most of you are, but want to be sure so I can send out a separate announcement with your names and details.  Also, if possible, please include some details about your plans!)  I will plan to send this in a couple of weeks.  Let's mark May 26th as the deadline.