New Structure for the Level 1 Liberal Arts course

We have made some important changes to the Level 1 class, one of which is a reduction in the number of days the children will be logging into class by two days.  (One of these days will be replaced by an optional parent homeschool training day from Elizabeth and Celeste).  We made this change only for Level 1 since our research and experience over the past two years has convinced us that the youngest kids are, in general, not ready for daily time alone in the online classroom.

We will continue to offer Level 1 as a combined child and parent course, offering a substantial curriculum and optional consultation aimed primarily at parents who would like curriculum direction and mentoring.  

There are two prices for this course:

$625 includes the weekly parent consultation (3 day option - M/Tues/Thurs)

$400 includes the Mon / Thurs meeting with the parents and children

Please read more about the new course structure here.

This is a necessary change and will be much more sustainable in the long run.  

To be clear, all of the Level 1 students will still be learning from Celeste and Elizabeth two days per week, and one of those days will include student show-and-tell and recitations.  We are not eliminating the student component, but we are reducing it.  We hope that those of you who planned on repeating Level 1 will find this new course to be an attractive option.

If you aren't sure which Level to take, please refer to the earlier post from Elizabeth and don't hesitate to get in contact with either Celeste and Elizabeth for guidance on making that decision.