Welcome Celeste Gregor, new Teacher of Level 1

With Elizabeth Crispina Johnson taking on the Level 3 Liberal Arts Course, we have added another Elementary teacher.  Here is a little bio of Celeste Gregor.  If she looks a little familiar, even eerily like one of our other Elementary teachers, there is a reason.  Yes, we have a mother/daughter team at St. Raphael School, sure to be a powerhouse of wonderful and poetic teaching.  

Celeste is the product of classical and literature based home education, from kindergarten through high school. During high school she found a passion for textiles which eventually led to a year of study abroad at an arts folkschool in Sweden. There she fell in love with making the practical and mundane things in life beautiful, bringing nature into the home and daily life, and using the beauty that can be found around us to bring joy, depth, and learning into family life.

Having worked as a nanny and as a teacher of fiber arts, Celeste now lives in the Finger Lakes region of New York with her husband David and two step daughters and attends Saint John the Baptist church in Rochester. In addition to supplementing the girls’ public education with home-based learning, Celeste looks forward to fully homeschooling their own children - the first of which is due in December.