July Courses and Enrollment for Fall

Dear Families and Friends of St. Raphael School:

We've had a great summer so far with some wonderful courses taught by Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, Fr. Noah Bushelli, and Nick Muzekari.  As the June courses are wrapping up we begin to prepare for two more courses in July and those for the upcoming school year.

July Courses

Enrollment for the 2016/2017 School Year
We've made it easier than ever to enroll with no risk.  We now have a streamlined payment plan system and a money-back guarantee policy, so you can enroll at any time with confidence.

If you are considering enrolling for the upcoming school year, please do one of these as soon as possible, and before August 1st at the latest:

1)  If you know you plan to enroll, please don't wait. We want to serve as many as possible and a few minutes of your time will be a huge help as we make plans to do that.

2)  If you are considering enrolling but not sure or are not able to enroll at this time, please take a moment to let us know you situation.  Please fill out this simple and quick form (takes one minute).

Questions about enrollment for 2016/2017:
I've received quite a few questions about the school year, and I'll be posting some longer explanations to these on the news page, but I'll provide some short answers here.

  • Should my child take Greek?  Middle School students (Levels 4 and 5) should enroll in Greek unless parents determine that exceptional circumstances warrant delaying until later years.  Please seek our advice if needed.
  • Will the teachers be the same this year?  It looks like most if not all teachers will remain, though there may be some adjustments made to specific assignments.  I will let you know for sure when we know for sure.  Mrs. Johnson will not be teaching Level 1 this year (we have a new teacher lined up for Level 1).  Mrs. Johnson will teach Levels 2 and 3.  Kelly Cone, former teacher of Level 3, will join Mr Lockridge as a team-teacher for Level 5.
  • How can I decide which level is the best fit for my child?  The best guide for choosing a level for the Liberal Arts Curriculum is reading level.  Choose books that are comparable or slightly above the current comfortable reading level. 
  • Do I need to order books soon?  Please wait until after the enrollment deadline to order books.  We might make some slight revisions to the book lists in the next few weeks as teachers finalize their plans.
  • How much work should we expect outside of class?  For Levels 1 and 2, about an hour per week is all that is required.  Level 3 would be closer to two hours, and Levels 4-7 should plan on about the same amount of time outside of class that they spend in class.  If they are in class 4 hours per week, plan on a minimum of 4 hours of reading and writing outside of class.

Prayer requests

  • Recovery of Dr. Taylor after his recent heart attack
  • Peace for the Louwers family following the loss of their son David

Wishing you a blessed feast of Saints Peter and Paul,

Adam Lockridge