Enrollment Update and New Teacher

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Dear Families and Friends of St. Raphael School:

It looks like we will have a great turnout for this school year, and I believe I can speak on behalf of all the teachers when I say that we are excited to see our students in just a few weeks!  Please make note of these brief announcements:

  • While many of our classes our getting full (thank you for enrolling early!), it is still not too late to enroll at all levels. It is looking likely that Lower Middle School will be divided into two sections.  If we do make that decision, the second group will meet at the same time with a different teacher, so don't worry about a last minute schedule change.
  • The Upper Elementary portion of the book list has been updated.  You can download the new list on the course page.
  • Remember to order your books!  It makes the first few weeks of school go much more smoothly if everyone is prepared.
    • Greek 2 and 3:  Please go ahead and order the next level, even though we had a few lessons to go from the previous books.  We will make those up at the beginning of the year and proceed directly to the next text.
  • Welcome to our new teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Gusty!  You can find out about her on the website.  
  • Take a look at the updated math add-on descriptions.  This is an excellent opportunity to supplement your math curriculum, or to use as an affordable curriculum, for your Upper Elementary, Middle School, or High School children.  All math courses include a subscription to a CTC Math (worth the price alone!) and a weekly session with a live math tutor, Mrs. Jennifer Gusty.  For questions about placement, please contact Mrs. Gusty atlysjen2001@yahoo.com. 

Enjoy your time before school starts, and I ask for your prayers for the teachers as they prepare.

In Christ,
Adam Lockridge
Director of Academics
St. Raphael School