Welcome to Our New Website

Dear Families and Friends of St. Raphael School:

The Fall semester is still two months away, but I am already looking forward to getting started.  I hope that you'll enjoy the new interface on our newly redesigned website.  This new design has a few important features.

  • A new shopping cart system to make the enrollment process simpler and more intuitive
  • Modern web-design features which will make navigation easier on all of your devices
  • Some pretty pictures to inspire you to grab a book or head outdoors--or both
  • A new logo
  • A new name, with six fewer syllables (to make it easier for you to pronounce invitations to your friends to join us next semester!)

Thanks to Elizabeth Johnson for the inspiration for the redesign; and thanks as always to Photini Roegner who makes good ideas possible through her supreme organization and attention to detail. 

May God continue to bless our efforts in raising and educating our children.

In Christ,

Adam Lockridge