Complete Book List + Welcome Eric Henderson

 Dear Families and Friends of St. Raphael School:

Welcome to our new subscribers!  Thank you for stopping by our tables at the All American Council in Atlanta and the Circe conference in Charleston.  It was nice to meet you! 

It's been quiet for the past month on the SRS news page, but there have been a lot of good things happening and I am very excited to tell you about them.

For right now I will limit the news to the three most important items, but stay tuned for some more important announcements:

1)  The complete book list for the 2015-2016 school year is now available.  There is a link on each of the Core Curriculum course pages which will allow you to download the entire list.

2) We have a new member of the staff, Eric Henderson.  With much new interest in St. Raphael School, we have need of someone who can devote his attention to the operations and management side of SRS.  I'll post his bio with his picture on the website soon.  A couple of new teachers will be joining us this semester as well, so you can look forward to hearing about them soon.

3) The SRS staff now have new e-mail addresses.  Please take a moment to update your contact information.

  • Adam Lockridge, Director of Academics:

  • Eric Henderson, Director of Operations:

  • Photini Roegner, Administrative Supervisor:

Finally, if you plan to enroll in courses for Fall 2015 please plan to do so by August 11th, one month before the beginning of school on September 8th.  This will help us accommodate as many students as possible and potentially allow us to open some new sections if needed.  Currently there are still spots in all of our classes.  If you are held back by finances, we can set up a payment plan.  If you would like to do so, please contact Photini at for details.


In Christ,

Adam Lockridge