Spring 2016 Enrollment Update

Dear Families and Friends of St. Raphael School:

We have had a significant number of families already re-enroll for Spring 2016--thank you for your prompt response to my last e-mail.  This makes it much easier to plan for next semester and also may allow us to welcome some new students in January.  Here are a couple of announcements:

1) Re-enrollment deadline is December 15th.  We have some families on a waiting list, and we will plan to offer them the openings that remain shortly thereafter.  Payment is not required to complete the re-enrollment process (see below).  Here is the link: http://www.raphaelschool.org/re-enroll-page

2)  New payment options for Spring 2015 re-enrollment:  

  • If you plan to pay before the Spring semester begins (January 11th, 2016), you can just follow the links on the re-enroll page but stop before making payment.  This will reserve your spot in the class until you are able to make payment.  With that option, please note that automatic reminders will be sent from Electa.
  • If you plan to pay after the beginning of the semester, we can still offer a monthly payment plan for next semester for a $25 service fee.  You also now have the option of paying your tuition using Paypal Credit and then you would not be charged the $25 service fee from St. Raphael School but could delay payment past the January 11th deadline.

4) Spring 2016 books lists:  The book lists we sent out at the beginning of the year indicated that the Spring 2016 books were subject to change.  Those should be finalized in the next week or two--before the end of this semester--to give you plenty of time for ordering before classes begin on January 11th.

5) Openings available for new students:  There is already room for some new students to join St. Raphael School, particularly in the Middle School and High School classes.  Please pass along this information to families you know who might be interested in our programs. 

  • New students can enroll through the St. Raphael School website class webpages instead of the Re-enroll page.  On our website (http://www.raphaelschool.org/), please click on the "Courses" heading to view class descriptions and to see if there are still available seats. 
  • If the course is marked as "Sold Out", please sign up on our waiting list (http://goo.gl/forms/uLTOzOSs9P) and we will contact you if an opening becomes available.

In Christ,
Adam Lockridge
St. Raphael School