Final 2015 Newsletter: New class and much more

Dear Families of St. Raphael School,

Christ is born!  Glorify Him!

Here are a few items to consider as we prepare for the Spring 2016 semester:

New Elementary Class: When we began to think about opening another section of Early Elementary, Mrs. Johnson recommended that we consider instead creating a new Elementary level between Early Elementary and Upper Elementary. The more we discussed it, the more it began to sound like an important step in the development of our curriculum. So, beginning in January, you will have an additional option as you consider which level is the best fit for your Elementary aged student:

Elementary 1: Illustrated Classics (formerly Early Elementary)
Elementary 2: Early Chapter Books (NEW CLASS)
Elementary 3: Advanced Chapter Books (formerly Upper Elementary)

The new class will meet for one hour at 9:30am Central, four days per week (M-Th), and Mrs. Johnson will be the instructor. I believe this is an important step in the development of our curriculum. First, it will allow current Upper Elementary students who may need a slightly easier, slower-paced course to find a better fit; and it will allow students who are currently enrolled in Early Elementary to transfer to a class that will include longer books, even if they may not be ready for the Upper Elementary selections.

You can see the new course description here.

Openings: More related good news is that we now have room for new Elementary students. Currently we have plenty of room in the new class (Elementary 2), but we may have a few more openings over the next week in Elementary 1 and Elementary 3 as families decide which class is the best fit. If you are interested in enrolling in the new class, just follow the registration link. If you want or know someone who wants to enroll in Elementary 1 or Elementary 3, please have them sign up on the waiting list and expect to hear back soon.

Satisfaction Surveys: Please don't forget to fill out a satisfaction survey for the Fall 2015 semester. In case you missed it in the last Newsletter, here it is again:

Take the Survey

Student feedback reports: A few of you have requested feedback reports from the Fall semester. You can expect to receive that before the beginning of next semester, most likely towards the end of next week (at the latest).

The Return of Dr. Taylor:  After a half-year retreat at an Orthodox monastery, Dr. Taylor will resume teaching this semester at St. Raphael School.  He will offer a special Poetry course in the Beginning High School Core Curriculum.  Welcome back Dr. T

Happy New Year!

In Christ,