Parts of Speech course update

Here is an update from Mrs. Kelly Cone, teacher of the Summer Parts of Speech course:

"Given the short nature of this summer course, I will not be requiring you to purchase your own textbook. Instead, I will be using a wonderful book called Simply Grammar as a teacher resource. I will be posting certain select pages on the white board for the students, and we will practice the concepts learned by reading short poems and discovering the different parts of speech contained within.

Once again, it is not required that you purchase a copy of the book for this course. As a whole, Simply Grammar is a more intensive course than we will have time for, and we want to make sure that your student (s) are able to retain the material they are learning this summer without overwhelming anyone. However, the book is an excellent Charlotte Mason resource and at the end of the course, I would highly recommend purchasing a copy for use and review (for all grade levels!) throughout the year." -- Adam Lockridge Director St. Raphael School 913-594-8172