Faculty and Staff Updates

We announced in March that St. Raphael School has been acquired by Scholé Academy. Since then I have received encouraging e-mails and appreciative comments about our program, and I noticed that a common theme is how much families love our faculty and the personal connections that they have with teachers and students in the school.  I wanted to offer a few brief updates on our faculty and staff and issue an invitation to reach out to us as we approach our peak enrollment season. We are here for you to answer your questions and to efficiently process your requests:

Matushka Photini Roegner will now serve as St. Raphael School’s Registrar and Communications Coordinator.  That means that she will be your primary point of contact when you need basic information about the courses.  In those rare cases when she doesn’t have a ready answer, she will arrange a time to talk with a teacher or someone on the staff who can help.  She is a great resource and a wealth of information, so don’t hesitate to ask your questions!

Melissa Naasko, an Ancient Faith author, blogger, and homeschooling mother extraordinaire, will take on the role of Sales and Marketing Assistant.  She will help manage our Facebook page, and she will take on some other projects that will help us more effectively communicate our mission and work to those who are searching for a distinctly Orthodox approach to classical Christian home education.

Elizabeth Johnson, our beloved Elementary teacher and colleague, was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago.  She has started her treatment plan and is blogging about her experience at www.fightingwiththewind.com.  We are all thankful to God that she is in the care of outstanding physicians and overjoyed that she can continue as the primary Level 3 Liberal Arts instructor for the upcoming school year.  Please keep her in your prayers!

Brother James (Dr. Taylor) will continue to teach poetry and nature studies in select Liberal Arts courses in Middle and High School.  He is also teaching a popular training course for teachers this summer called Poetic Pedagogy.  Even without enrolling in the course, you can interact with him on his ClassicalU Forum message board, Poetic Pedagogy with Dr. James Taylor.

Dr. Timothy Becker, who came highly recommended by Fr. Noah Bushelli (Lead Catechist), will teach our Level 7 Catechism course on Apologetics.  I spoke with Dr. Becker recently and was quite moved hearing him articulate his vision for this course.  He spoke from his heart about what it means to defend one’s faith by starting with contemplative prayer, deep gratitude for the love of Christ, and personal recognition and confession of our own lack understanding.  The course will look to early Christian apologists whose lives provide worthy examples to imitate, showing us that humility and love stand at the beginning and end of any theological dispute or disagreement. 

David Rosentrater is the new Assistant to the Principal for Scholé Academy.  That is important information for you since he is doing much of the work formerly done by Emily Price who has moved on to teach 5th grade at a Veritas Academy.  David will be processing orders, payment plans, and registrations.  David is a parishioner at Holy Apostles Orthodox Church in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Joelle Hodge serves as the Headmaster of Scholé Academy and has been working hard to help all of us teachers prepare to deliver the highest quality experience we can muster for our families in the 2018-2019 school year.  She has an impressive ability to organize and prioritize service to our families, and I am so thankful to be under her care and leadership.  As a Protestant Christian, Joelle has communicated to me personally and in our faculty meetings her sincere appreciation for the uniquely Orthodox character of our program, and she is going above and beyond each day to learn more about our practices, calendar, and doctrines to be accommodating and respectful of our tradition.  She is a highly competent manager, and I can say with confidence that our school is in good hands.

 Dr. Christopher Perrin, CEO of Classical Academic Press and Director of Scholé Academy, has been incredibly generous in devoting resources to our comparatively small program.  Our classes this year will feature newer and improved technology, including a major upgrade to our learning management system.  Our teachers have been given free subscriptions to ClassicalU, a site designed to provide training to teachers and homeschool parents.  In addition, he has devoted much time and energy to working with Joelle and me as we strive to make St. Raphael School a faithful manifestation of the “restful learning” (scholé) model of classical Christian education.  Thank you, Dr. Perrin!

As Academic Director and Mentor Teacher, I (Adam Lockridge) will focus my energy on working with the other teachers to polish and refine our curriculum and delivery.  Technical proficiency, course design, student assessment, and more—our teachers have a big job!  My priority will be to help make their jobs easier by giving them the support that they need as they strive to serve our families.  I will also be teaching Rhetoric Capstone and several history and literature courses for Scholé Academy, including the Level 7 Liberal Arts Course

I am thankful to God for all the kindhearted and talented men and women He has given our school to do the work of teaching.  We are blessed to be partnering with such wonderful families to help them provide a wholesome and robust education to their children. Please pray for all of us, and help us serve you by reaching out and letting us know what you need!

See our contact page and reach out!

In Christ,

Adam Lockridge