New Student Journal for St. Raphael School

Dear Families of St. Raphael School:

A few months ago I was approached by some energetic students who proposed to start a school journal.  This journal would highlight the work of our students and contain other items of interest to Orthodox homeschooling families--recipes, quotes, news, and more.  

I am pleased to announce that this journal has become a reality under the leadership of Elyse Hawkins, the Student Managing Editor of the Saint Raphael School Journal.  We have published our first issue which you can now download in PDF format.  In addition, you may visit the website which contains a wider selection of content. 

The student work currently included in both formats are from the 2017-2018 academic year.  We hope that launching this journal in July, in advance of the beginning of school, will encourage students to consider submitting their best work to the journal.  To learn more about how to do that, see the page "Submitting Your Work" on the journal website.

As a teacher, I get to enjoy the fruits of the diligence of our students on a regular basis, and I am happy that we now have a way to share these with a wider audience.  Thanks to the team for your initiative and hard work to produce a journal that will be a blessing to our school community!

In Christ,

Adam Lockridge