St. Raphael School Now a Part of Scholé Academy

We are excited to inform everyone that St. Raphael School is now a part of Scholé Academy, and also a division of Classical Academic Press. After a good deal of collaboration and planning, we agreed to this new relationship with a great deal of enthusiasm. 

This new relationship was discussed over a period of several months, with many conversations between Adam Lockridge (academic director of SRS) and Christopher Perrin (director of Scholé Academy), as well conversations with Fr. Noah Bushelli and then the entire faculty of SRS and Scholé Academy leadership team. We are all enthusiastic about this collaboration.

We believe this new relationship will be a mutual blessing, noting the following:

  • SRS will continue as a dedicated online classical school serving Orthodox families, maintaining the same faculty, philosophy of education, and course offerings.
  • Scholé Academy will serve as a larger host academy, similar to the way that a university might house a college. SRS will serve as "school within a school" while keeping its distinct Orthodox identity.
  • Scholé Academy already has Orthodox faculty, and Christopher Perrin himself is a lover of Orthodoxy (his wife is Orthodox and he regularly attends Vespers and other services and has for some 15 years).
  • Scholé Academy's emphasis on renewing restful learning in the light of the Christian faith and a classical curriculum nicely harmonizes with the philosophy of education advocated by St. Raphael School.
  • The staff team at Classical Academic Press and Scholé Academy (SA) will now be able to help serve our growing community with website development, faculty support, promotion, order processing, and customer service. 
  • In addition to the support from Dr. Perrin (SA Director), the principal of Scholé Academy, Jolie Hodge, will also be able to provide support to the SRS faculty team.
  • Adam Lockridge will continue to serve as the mentor teacher, providing academic and curricular leadership to the SRS faculty. Adam will also be teaching some courses with Scholé Academy.

In short, we are grateful for this new relationship, and anticipate a great year of growth and deepening.

If you have questions about this new relationship, don't hesitate to reach out to Adam at

Pax Christi,

Christopher Perrin & Adam Lockridge