I've enrolled my child—what happens next?

  •  One to two months before school begins (or within a week or two after enrollment if enrolling after August 1st):
    • If you are enrolling a new student, you will receive instructions for setting up your child(ren)'s student account with our Learning Management System (Schoology).  
    • We will also provide you with all the information you need to connect our online classrooms using Zoom. Note that we no longer will be using Adobe Connect.
  • Three weeks before school begins: Expect an e-mail with instructions for ordering books and materials for your courses.
  • One to two weeks before school begins: Look for an e-mail from your teachers with any other specific information you might need prior to the beginning of classes.
  • The week before school: Teachers will schedule open houses, a time to meet the teacher and test your system.

How do I enter the classroom and join classes? 

Zoom: We use a web conferencing software platform called Zoom for our classes, which enables students and teachers to gather from around the globe face-to-face in real time. Zoom is free to download and easy to use.

To download Zoom:

  1. Visit zoom.us/download.
  2. Click to download the first option listed, Zoom Client for Meetings.
  3. Open and run the installer on your computer.
  4. In August, students will be provided with instructions and a link for joining their particular class.

If you have lost access to your user name or password or you have any further problems, contact Mat. Photini Roegner (photini@raphaelschool.org).

How do I register for and use Schoology? 

Schoology is a "Learning Management System" (LMS) which provides a place for a course schedule, file sharing, quizzes, communicating with the class (or teacher), submitting assignments, and receiving feedback. It is the simplest solution to conducting course-related business outside of the live class.

You will be sent a registration link to Schoology prior to the beginning of the course.  

What should I do if my child needs to miss a class?

If a student is unable to attend a scheduled class for a legitimate reason with prior notification, they may request to access the recording of the missed class session on the course page within Schoology.

I need to report a grade for my child's course.  How can I do that?

General information about homeschooling and grading can be found on the HSLDA website.

To come up with a grade for the course, here are our recommendations:

  • Keep informed about what is going on in your child's class by creating a parent account in Schoology and requiring students to keep an assignment book which you will view periodically.
  • Focus on completion, demonstrated effort, participation, and improvement.
  • Set expectations at the beginning of the course.
  • Keep select student assignments, especially writing and projects, in a file for reviewing at the end of the year.
  • Keep it simple and create a holistic grading scale based on your expectations for performance.  (Download an example)
  • Consult the course teacher for their feedback.

What is the 2018/2019 schedule? (Download Printer version):

2018-2019 Schedule updated.jpg