St. Raphael School is now part of Scholé Academy! Learn more here.


St. Raphael School offers six levels of liberal arts courses, all taught by experienced Orthodox educators, in order to cultivate wonder and delight, impart a love for story, literature, poetry, and history—all in light of the Orthodox faith.

St. Raphael School offers catechism courses designed to help children of various ages mature in their understanding of the Orthodox faith through the study of Scripture, tradition, liturgy, and history. Many of our catechism courses are taught by Orthodox priests.

St. Raphael offers Biblical Greek courses for beginning and continuing students. Studying Greek trains children in the art of grammar universal to all language and also gives them access to the New Testament and Septuagint, Byzantine hymnography, and Patristic writings in the original tongue.


“We have all thoroughly enjoyed St. Raphael School this semester. It has changed our homeschool for the better!” – Alisha N.